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Wasted Wonder: Picturing Science, but Not Explaining It

Winding my way past the American Museum of Natural History’s giant elephants and intricate dioramas, toward the exhibition Picturing Science, my fantasies bloomed. I prepared to be awed by the beautiful miracle of biology and by the power of the technology that lets us see it.

But, upon reaching the show and moving from image to image, it quickly became clear that my fantasy was, well, just that.

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A Micro-Apartment of One’s Own

Do you know anyone who lives in New York with three roommates? How about someone who lives in a tiny studio apartment? If so, you may be consorting with a lawbreaker. That’s right: in most of New York City, the maximum number of roommates who can share an apartment, legally, is three. And every apartment must be at least 400 square feet — which is pretty big, aka expensive, for a studio.