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As Chinese Artist Unseats Picasso, New Collectors Rise in China

Proof of the Chinese art market blowing up can no longer be denied. On Wednesday, Bloomberg reported that two Chinese artists Zhang Daqian (1899-1983) and Qi Baishi (1864-1957) reign supreme in the art market, replacing Picasso as the top earner for 2011. Artprice has ranked Picasso as the highest grossing artist for the past 13 years, but with overall sales of $506.7 million this year, Daqian easily unseated the Cubism master. Meanwhile, Picasso tumbled down to fourth place, one below Andy Warhol, with total sales of only $311.6 million.

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Weekly Art Rx

This week we continue with more show openings for weekend art-goers in need of a nugget of inspiration. Our round-up includes the Mike Weiss Gallery, Sculpture Center, Journal Gallery, the Studio Museum in Harlem, Airplane gallery, Nyehaus Gallery and Chambers Fine Art.

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VIP Art Fair Spruces Up for Its Second Year Running

The VIP Art Fair, the first contemporary art fair held exclusively online, is heading into its second edition with both new events and a shot of hefty investments from two international art collectors. According to a statement released today by VIP, a total of $1 million came in from Brazilian art collector Selmo Nissenbaum and Australian media and arts specialist Philip Keir.

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Museum at FIT Maintains Silence Over Lev Leviev Sponsorship

Here at Hyperallergic we have been covering the on-going controversy surrounding fashion icon Daphne Guinness’ mega show at the museum at FIT. Back in November we reported that one of the sponsors of the exhibition, diamond and settlement mogul Leviev Extraordinary Diamonds, was facing accusations of dirty dealings in both the diamond trade and the Israeli-Palestine conflict. In a letter released today, the Land Defense Committee from the West Bank village of Jayyous asked FIT, as well as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which Leviev also donates to, to distance themselves from the controversial diamond magnate and illegal settlement developer.

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Babes in Museum Land (NSFW)

So we know that museums are filled with some of the world’s greatest art, but what about the people who attend museums? Are they artworks unto themselves?

Blogger Xavier Aaronson is out to prove just that with his blog Babes at the Museum. The site takes a cue from street fashion blogs likes The Satorialist and transfers it to the museum, where apparently some of the most babe-ilicious fashionistas can be found.