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Posted inArt

Capitalism, Reality and Photography

I awoke from a daze when I walked into Boris Mikhailov’s Case History at MoMA. All of the sudden the white walls and sleek designs I’d come to expect from Friday-night strolls were replaced by muted flesh tones and a feeling of being watched. It was almost as if I’d switched roles with the work. Not able to shake the feeling, I began to internally justify why I was so impacted by a few images and listing all the predictable ways they seemed exploitative, but that didn’t help. I’d been affected in a way I couldn’t pinpoint.

Posted inArt

An Analog Path for Photography

In an exhibition titled Every Photo Graph Is In Visible a new Chelsea gallery called Churner and Churner is showing progressive work that reflects the revolutionary attempts attributed to modernists like Man Ray and László Moholy-Nagy. Last week, artist Letha Wilson, met with gallerist Rachel Churner and I to discuss her work and how it paves a new analog path for photography by using materials outside of the medium’s traditional form.