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Following Vito Acconci

I pass Vito Acconci on the way to the subway perhaps two to three times a week at random times. I know his studio is in my neighborhood, but I haven’t figured out his route or his schedule. Not that I’ve made an effort to follow him as that would feel like copying his performance.

Posted inArt

Jennifer Rubell Talks Art, Food and Social Occasion

Jennifer Rubell studied food to become an artist. After receiving a BA from Harvard University in Fine Arts, she attended the Culinary Institute of America. Prior to beginning her artistic practice, she wrote about food for over a decade during which time she published Real Life Entertaining. For the past few years Rubell has created a “Breakfast Project” in the courtyard of the Rubell Family Collection in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach that is consumed by the collection visitors. In the spirit of Hyperallergic’s food art coverage for Turkey Day, I hopped on a call with Rubell to learn about her practice, find out her Thanksgiving secrets and get a sneak preview to this years Breakfast Project.