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Antiquities and Idiosyncrasies in 18th-Century Britain

The stately facade of Sir John Soane’s Museum sits on the northwest side of Lincoln’s Inn Fields, a square, grassy park filled with young Londoners throwing frisbees, drinking beer, and flirting. The interior of the museum, at 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, is a strikingly different environment, a purposeful anachronism to the outside world. A unique collection of objects, Sir John Soane’s Museum is a place that reveals its namesake’s tastes and obsessions. Like the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, it was designed and arranged by its owner to outline specific aesthetic criteria.

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The Relocation of the Barnes Foundation Gets a Second Green Light

Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, will now also boast one of the world’s most impressive art collections. Forbes reported today that Judge Stanley Ott upheld his ruling that allows the Barnes Foundation to move its estimated $25 billion art collection from the suburb of Merion, Pennsylvania five miles away to downtown Philadelphia. While it seems that the Barnes has won this ongoing legal battle, opponents to the relocation are vowing not to back down.