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Everything Is Nothing: The Artwork of Sopheap Pich

A figure of the Buddha hangs at the center of a small gallery filled with natural light. Only the head and shoulders have been given form, the torso a tangle of rattan strands falling away, red ink-dyed tips curving upwards, recoiling from the floor.

This ethereal sculpture, “Buddha 2” (2009), is the latest acquisition of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and part of a striking solo exhibition by artist Sopheap Pich.

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Breaking Free: New Cambodian Art

Dark charcoal skyscrapers loom on a studio wall; below them bright, tiny sculptures bloom from soil beds. In another studio, women’s underwear in every shade and style hang from wires, while letters unfolded, scanned, and folded again reveal a glimpse of a lost father.

These are just some of the projects underway by a group of ten artists in residence as part of the citywide Season of Cambodia, a two-month festival of dance, music, film, visual art, theater, and symposia.