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ArtRx LA

There’s so much good stuff happening this week, it’s almost hard to keep track. Among our picks are two intriguing performances by three up-and-coming LA artists, two shows devoted to 20th-century artist pioneers, and a discussion of art and political activism. And don’t forget about Halloween — we suggest you celebrate with a demonic show at the Huntington.

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The Bermuda Triangle of Art

This may sound like the world’s most overwrought art gag. And, certainly, there is no small irony in critiquing the creative numbness of the art market with pieces that will be sold on that very same market. But William Powhida’s artistic spoofs are so spot on, and his critiques so incisive, it’s hard not to get sucked in by the whole exercise.

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Required Reading

This week on Required Reading … William Powhida has devised a new power axis of art world affirmation … New York Observer explains the thing called the “professional collector” … at Idiom they ask an important question “Can an art experience be authentic even if the status of the work of art remains questionable?” … the NEA leaders gives signs that there will be cutting in the arts … Phong Bui chats with Joe Bradley … some mediations on Black History on Art:21 … and Iceland is digitizing ALL its literature …