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Trompe l’Tweet: The Twitter-Bot World @Horse_ebooks Left Behind

There’s an Ancient Greek story that many art lovers know, from the 5th century BCE. Zeuxis and Parrhasius were known as the best painters of the time, so the citizens held a contest to determine who indeed was the best. At that time, the value of painting was in its re-creation of reality. A painting that could complete a trompe l’oeil, a fooling of the eye, was deemed the most successful.

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These Computer Microchip Drawings Are Amazingly Intricate Abstractions

A few weeks ago, I went to the Museum of Modern Art to finally see Trisha Donnelly’s Artist’s Choice show. Donnelly is the tenth artist to participate in the series, which involves the museum allowing someone to dig around in its collection and create an exhibition out of whatever pieces he or she likes. Donnelly’s selections are framed less as a unified, cohesive exhibition and more as offshoots of the permanent galleries, with three scattered rooms given over to her curatorial whims on the fourth and fifth floors. When I was there, viewers wandered in easily, often not realizing they had strayed from the prescribed permanent collection path.

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Here’s Looking at You, Kyle McDonald

In a project that was either a canny statement about surveillance and consumer culture or just plain creepy, artist Kyle Macdonald staged a “photographic intervention” on public computers in Apple stores around Manhattan via a custom application that snapped photos of people browsing the computers without their knowledge and then uploaded them to a Tumblr site. Which was all fun and games until the Secret Service stopped by and confiscated his laptop.