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In Their 11th Hour, Cooper 11 Recreate Leonardo’s “Last Supper”

You’re furious at the plans to end free education at Cooper Union, an institution long applauded as one of the progressive beacons of 19th-century education. You’re an art student and join 10 other art students in a protest action that includes the occupation of your school’s clocktower. Now, how do you symbolically choose to end your occupation? Stage Leonardo’s “Last Supper,” of course.

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Cooper Union Responds to Occupation During Supporters’ Day of Action

96 hours into the student occupation of the Cooper Union’s historic clock tower, Jolene Travis, Assistant Director of Public Affairs, Media Relations at Cooper Union released a statement to the press and on Cooper’s website today regarding the situation. The press release may have been timed to coincide with a second Day of Action planned by students, faculty, and alumni in support of the protesters taking place today.

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Student Occupiers Call for Cooper Union President’s Resignation

Students for a Free Cooper Union held a press conference this afternoon, addressing a set of frequently asked questions regarding their occupation of the college’s Foundation Building. Undergraduate art students Rachel Appel and Audrey Snyder served as spokespeople for the 11 students occupying the building’s clock tower and read a prepared statement to a crowd of about 100 press, students, faculty, and other staff and community members.