The Teddy Bears and Soda Cans of Clare Graham

LOS ANGELES — The term “craft,” especially in the context of the art world, is tricky. Who decides what’s art and what’s craft, and is there a hierarchy between the two? Happily, an exhibition sometimes comes along to further blur the line, as is the case with Clare Graham & MorYork: The Answer is Yes at the Craft and Folk Art Museum.

How One Regional Craft Museum Is Expanding Its Horizons

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in Louisville has spent the last couple of years staking out a place in discussions occurring in contemporary art circles about the line dividing art and craft. The recent exhibition PRESS: Artist and Machine was a romantic show focused on illuminating the relationship between 19th-century printing-press technology and 20th- and 21st-century art production.

UK’s Controversial Declassification of Crafting as a Creative Industry

A proposed declassifying of crafting as a creative industry in the UK has the the country’s cavalcade of craft makers bristling. The broadly and ridiculously named Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) released a paper in late April directed at evaluating the creative industries, including the elimation of “crafts” as one of the accepted creative industries categories.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON — Two weekends ago, I volunteered for Speedball printmaking inks at my local art supply store, Spokane Art Supply in Spokane, Washington. The shop was hosting an annual event called demo days, a weekend of hobby enthusiasts rollicking from booth-to-booth in search of the latest breakthroughs in art materials. The demographic was mostly retired craft warriors establishing themselves as masters in watercolor and decollage. I was feeling anxious, my self-conscious mind hounded me with thoughts of superiority, for my world of art was far different than theirs. Kitsch (the bad kind) was their motivator and I was stuck in the middle of a scene that I made sport of in art school and circles of like-minded peers.