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In Venice, A Dream Reborn

SONCINO, Italy — Having just returned from Venice, with its literal acres of art, crowded parties, Arsenale hikes, and tourists wielding umbrellas through the rain, one exhibition left me gratefully awed. Ca’ d’Oro, an example of late Gothic architecture built between 1421 and 1440, is one of most beautifully preserved palazzos along the Grand Canal.

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Cy Twombly’s Estate Accused of Overvaluation and Mismanagement

Artists’ estates have their jobs cut out for them. The organizations have to manage artists’ legacies, watching out for forgeries, validating works, and preserving their reputation while organizing the physical detritus artists inevitably leave behind — collections, unfinished works, studios, and homes. As the New York Times reports, painter Cy Twombly’s estate has run into some financial troubles as its board members have been accused of misappropriating funds.

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“Art Cage!”

CHICAGO — Hat tip to Paul Klein in Chicago for alerting me via Facebook to artist Leon van den Eijkel, who has posted a gigantic number of photos of artists’ studios (predominantly historical) on his Facebook Wall.

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Searching For “The Greatest Living American Abstract Painter”

Modern Art Notes’ Tyler Green has a knack for wonderful ideas that create entertaining conversations about art, lest we forget his tweet that lead to the Super Bowl bet between the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Like the footbal bet, his latest idea also combines his two loves, sports and art, to create what he is calling, “The Greatest Living American Abstract Painter Tourney-ish.”