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Peripheral Visions: Contemporary Art from Australia at Garis & Hahn

Distilling the ethos of a national avant-garde is a daring act, but curator Marissa Bateman’s goal is to accomplish just that in Peripheral Visions: Contemporary Art from Australia at Garis & Hahn. The exhibition aims to showcase the most effervescent artists of Australia’s contemporary art scene, marking the New York debut of the participants. Artists include Australia’s Venice Biennale representatives Vernon Ah Kee, Claire Healy, and Sean Corderio as well as Joel Beerden, Stephen Bird, Nicholas Folland, Dan McKewen, Amanda Marburg, and Phoebe Rathmell.

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Finding Empathy in the Confines of Our Skin

Two billion cells make up the skin encasing our bodies, and 300 million of them are replaced every day. We need a sense of bodily integrity so much that if we lose a limb, we imagine it’s still there, itching and aching, and yet our skin, that exterior layer actually holding us together, is constantly dying off and renewing itself, sloughing off and repairing.