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Artist Prepares to Sue High Line Over Alleged Assault

The artist who claims that he was attacked by a maintenance employee on the High Line last month is planning to sue over the incident. Iddi Amadu, an immigrant from Ghana who sells his art on the High Line, is bringing a suit against Friends of the High Line, the organization that runs the park, as well as the city and the Parks Department, in the hopes of being compensated for his injuries and destroyed artwork, DNAinfo reports.

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Park Employee Assaults Art Vendor on the High Line

The High Line has a reputation for being an artsy park, located as it is partly in the Chelsea gallery neighborhood, with rotating art exhibitions and sculpture and video installations. But apparently the park isn’t quite as arts-friendly as it would have us believe: a week and a half ago, an art vendor on the High Line was attacked by a maintenance worker. The park employee hit the vendor in the face with a walkie-talkie, leaving him in need of an ambulance and stitches.

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Fear and Loathing at :)

Drawn by an over-900 people attending Facebook events page and a plug on GAYLETTER two months ago, I wandered into the opening of 🙂 by FriendsWithYou at The Hole and left feeling a mixture of what Dr. Hunter S. Thompson described as “fear and loathing.” Now, a few days before the exhibition’s closing, I revisited 🙂 to see if my opinion of the art would change without the unseasonable near 100 degree heat, crowded gallery and drunkenness. It didn’t.

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The High Line Gets Drrrty

The High Line Section 2 is New York City’s latest stab at utopia, so it only makes sense that people love it. But maybe they love it a little too much? Gothamist publishes a photo essay of couples canoodling on the High Line lawn, and all of a sudden, the lawn gets closed for cleaning. Cleaning of what, exactly?

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Dancing Up a Storm on the High Line

Minutes before the much-admired postmodern choreographer Trisha Brown was to stage her early 1973 “Roof Piece” on Thursday, June 9, the High Line’s urban park rangers and the stage managers of Trisha Brown’s Dance Company began to panic. An upstaging performance by a potentially show-stopping tornado struck fear upon headsets and walkie-talkies alike. Would the show go on?

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Friendly Balloons Invade the High Line

At the end of the newly opened Section 2 of the High Line is a psychedelic amusement park filled with inflatable creatures, googly-eyed, cartoony and basically irresistible. This playground, designed by artist collective Friends With You, was host to Aol’s party celebrating the High Line opening last Wednesday.