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Posted inArt

The Sounds of Greenland’s Melting Glaciers

A carefully random scattering of chairs filled ISSUE Project Room’s Beaux-Arts style theater last Friday night. With the ability to sit facing any direction, choosing the optimal seat felt crucial, though there was no indication as to which way was best. The sole light source, a blue spotlight illuminating the chandelier, cast the room in a cerulean haze.

Posted inArt

Capturing the Sound of Abandoned Space

This Saturday, August 9, the Museum of Modern Art will open its first major exhibition of sound art. Soundings: A Contemporary Score presents work by sixteen contemporary artists who use sound, whether as an exclusive medium or in combination with video, installation, painting, sculpture, and more. One of those artists is Jacob Kirkegaard, who’s showing his piece “Aion” (2006), a recording of some of the abandoned spaces of Chernobyl.