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From Louisiana With Love: The 2011 Southern Open (Part 2)

As I mentioned in the first part of this article, Amy Mackie—former curatorial associate of the New Museum in New York, now Director of Visual Arts for the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans—selected quite a few New Orleans artists for this year’s installment of the Southern Open at the Acadiana Center for the Arts in Lafayette, LA. While she may have stacked the deck, so to speak, she concisely provided audiences with some of the highest caliber art the exhibition has seen to date.

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Mack Attack! The 2011 Southern Open

New York, I feel your pain. You’re hemorrhaging under the weight of your artistic success and accomplishments, bleeding out talent like Jackson Pollock after the car crash. I know it’s hard to keep all your children around while the rents keep rising and the scene gets hyped into the next century while it struggles to hold on to what it had in the last. Times are tough! But your loss is Louisiana’s gain …

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Ghosts of Disaster in New Orleans

New Orleans — The captain’s flight-deck announcement that we were now making our final descent towards New Orleans jolted me from a very uneasy sleep. The three-hour flight was my first prolonged opportunity to get prolonged (i.e. 3-hours rest) after a late night train ride, to a later night Long Island Railroad Road ride, to a crack-of-dawn flight departure from the 24-hour nightmare microcity that is New York’s JFK airport.

Confused and groggy I peered out the window as we began our descent. With eyes as bleary as my thoughts, I decided that I was surveying Gulf waters from some 25,000 feet. What are those dark streaks? I thought. Is that oil? Oh my god, that’s oil. There’s still oil everywhere. Holy shit. Oh no. They ruined the Gulf.