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Manufactured Dreams — Stepping Inside Televisa

The Aperture Foundation publishes beautiful photography monographs that are designed to look more like a portfolio than a book; such is their emphasis on image plates over explanatory text. The Factory of Dreams: Inside Televisa Studios, one of Aperture’s recent publications featuring the Brooklyn-based photographer Stefan Ruiz, is a monograph that presents a single body of work. The Factory of Dreams is a collection of photographs Ruiz began working on eight years ago, depicting one of Mexico’s largest exports: televised fantasies of “love, wealth, and betrayal.”

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Mexico City’s Global Conversation and the Work of Chapela Perez

Damian Ortega, “Cosmic Thing” (2002) Disassembled 1989 Volkswagen Beetle, 265×296 in, The Museum of Contemporary At, Los Angeles, purchased with funds provided by Eugenio Lopez and the Jumex Fund for Contemporary Latin American Art. (image courtesy ICA/Boston) Mexico City is a hub for contemporary art spawning internationally renowned artists that participate in a global art […]