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Art from Anger: Portraits of Ciudad Juarez’s Lost Women

“Art is important when justice has failed,” he wrote, going on to say that when justice is not served, all that remains for the victim’s family is her story. As an artist on the outside looking in, he feels he can facilitate the telling of that story on an international scale, combatting the false narrative encouraged by impunity, which is that the lives of poor, young Mexican women don’t count.

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Tax Tips for Artists

T.S. Eliot’s claim that April is the cruelest month feels particularly true during tax season. Assuming you’re an artist in the United States who makes at least $10,000 a year, you may be scrambling to file your return before tomorrow’s deadline.

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Archeologists Discover Nearly 5,000 Ancient Cave Paintings in Mexico

Archeologists have discovered nearly 5,000 ancient paintings that depict humans, animals, astronomical imagery, and abstract designs in a series of caves in Mexico. Located near the Sierra de San Carlos mountain range, in the Burgos region of northeastern Mexico, the paintings are the work of three different hunter-gatherer groups that lived in the area before the early 16th-century Spanish conquest, the BBC reported.