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Could Two Major LA Museums Be Merging?

Two of the biggest art museums in California may soon become one. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has made a proposal to acquire the Museum of Contemporary Art, a smaller institution that has lately been unstable with mounting budget problems and controversy over Jeffrey Deitch’s tenure as director.

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Graffiti Writers Start a Game of Tag with LA’s MOCA

Raise your hand if you’re not surprised that LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art is getting tagged by a whole bunch of graffiti writers because of the upcoming Art in the Streets show? Well, Katsu is doing his part on the heels of an attention-grabbing faux MoMA/Nike ad series he pulled off in New York a few weeks ago. According to 12ozProphet, the massive Katsu fire extinguisher tag has some supporters in the upcoming museum show.