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Museum at FIT Maintains Silence Over Lev Leviev Sponsorship

Here at Hyperallergic we have been covering the on-going controversy surrounding fashion icon Daphne Guinness’ mega show at the museum at FIT. Back in November we reported that one of the sponsors of the exhibition, diamond and settlement mogul Leviev Extraordinary Diamonds, was facing accusations of dirty dealings in both the diamond trade and the Israeli-Palestine conflict. In a letter released today, the Land Defense Committee from the West Bank village of Jayyous asked FIT, as well as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which Leviev also donates to, to distance themselves from the controversial diamond magnate and illegal settlement developer.

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Are Conflict Diamonds Still in Fashion at the Museum at FIT? [UPDATED]

Oh no, it’s like Naomi Campbell all over again! Well, not quite. One of the sponsors of the Daphne Guinness blockbuster exhibition at the Museum at FIT, Leviev Extraordinary Diamonds, has recently come under fire for some shady activities involving shall we say “questionable” diamond trades, upsetting several media outlets and human rights organizations. When will the fashion world learn?

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Is Fashion Art, Style Icons & Other Topics with the Director of the Museum at FIT

Among the cringe-worthy capitalizing on alternative lifestyles and incessant branding that permeates the fashion industry, it’s difficult to carve out a public forum to discuss the cultural, political and intellectual importance of what we wear. But the director and chief curator of the Museum at FIT, Valerie Steele is doing a good job as one of the few public personas who speak openly about the importance of clothing and adornment and her latest show on style icon Daphne Guinness.