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Dumbo’s New Recycled Watertower

As either an antidote or a companion (depending on your view) to its uber-expensive and iconic Clock Tower building, Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood will get a different kind of tower this week — a water tower, which is actually a giant art project, a large and colorful public sculpture by Brooklyn artist Tom Fruin.

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Overheard at the Met

It’s summer in New York and the focus of the city’s art fans shifts to museums as many stage large tourist-friendly shows and turn up the air conditioning during the sweltering months. Visiting the museums I encounter people — often tourists — who discuss art with refreshingly unfiltered opinions about what they are seeing. On a recent trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I overheard some very interesting commentary from the museum goers; commentary that sparked confusion, insight, and humor … and I decided to write it down.