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Posted inArt

Finding Beauty and Art in Iceland’s Summer Wonderland

LAUGARVATN, Iceland — I came to Iceland at the beginning of August for a month long stay at Gullkistan, a residency for creative people in Laugarvatn (pronounced something like Lurrahgahvaht-n) in southern Iceland. The residency fell into my lap and was perfect for what I wanted. As much as I love New York, I wanted to spend a month in a setting that couldn’t be more different — I wanted sublime natural beauty, peace and quiet, relaxation and simplicity — a reset button for myself. Gullkistan was an ideal answer.

Posted inArt

Visiting the Reykjavik Art Museum’s Hafnarhus

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — There are three main buildings that comprise the Reykjavik Art Museum but because of my limited time in the Icelandic capital, I chose to visit Hafnarhu, as it houses the most contemporary selection of all three. The building from the outside is rather bland, except for the awning, which shoots out over the main entrance. It is covered with the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous transformed into a type of artist’s manifesto — what better way to begin a museum visit? Inside however was a modern interior with cool steel walls and a great selection of contemporary art.