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Posted inArt

Ars Sacra: Mozart, Proust, and a Polka-Dot Dress

Rachel, Monique, Sophie Calle’s memorial to her mother, is installed in a side chapel of the starkly beautiful neo-Gothic Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest on Fifth Avenue and 90th Street. On a marble plaque beside the chapel entrance, the artist has overlaid a brief text noting that her mother was not a Christian, but she would never pass up an invitation to the Upper East Side.

Posted inArt

Making Art from the End of Love

CHICAGO — It’s impossible to know when love begins. At best, we are mildly aware of its onset — a subtle brush of the hair, a lick of the lips, a quiet nudge of the hip, a gaze that lasts too long or not long enough. What we do know is that love finds us; we cannot search it out. Spanish poet Federico García Lorca wrote of lunar romance: “How the owl is calling. / Ay, it calls in the branches! / Through the sky goes the moon, / gripping a child’s fingers.” His lyrical words wrap themselves around a young, innocent type of love.