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Vermeer the Movie, Coming Soon

The painter Johannes Vermeer is known for his incredible treatment of light and the almost photographic realism of his 17th-century scenes. How did he do it without the use of a camera, which was invented some 150 years later? That was the question driving Texas man Tim Jenison when he went on a quest to understand the artist and his art. Jenison’s journey was captured on film by Teller, of the magic act Penn & Teller, and will be released as a documentary next year by Sony Pictures Classics, Deadline reports.

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Did Vermeer’s Daughter Paint 20% of His Works?

Imagine for a moment that in the days after Johannes Vermeer’s death in 1675, that his widow Catharina and eldest daughter Maria, sitting in a darkened room of the Vermeer home, conspired to settle their numerous family debts in a secretive way. Owing their baker the largest sum of money, the widow and her daughter would give up two of the Master’s last paintings to settle their debt. In a theory developed by Cooper Union art history professor Benjamin Binstock, the two debt-settling paintings were actually the work of the daughter, Maria Vermeer.