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North Brooklyn Is Going Vertical

If you thought the recession stopped the architectural boomtown that is North Brooklyn, then you’ll have to think again. If Bushwick is getting all the buzz because of the art-borhood that is sprouting up there, the experiments in architectural verticality are happening a little west in Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

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Say Goodbye to Monster Island

Here at Hyperallergic we are pretty fond of Williamsburg. It’s the home of our shmancy offices, Journal Gallery and some other pretty great arts institutions and galleries. There is no denying that its changed quite significantly in the last few years. Unfortunately, my favorite neighborhood arts building, Monster Island, is closing.

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The Plastic Bag as Artistic Muse

In Patrick Griffin’s recent exhibition at The Journal Gallery in Williamsburg, Common Courtesy, he focused on an unusual subject matter: the plastic bag. If you live in a major city then you are more than familiar with these little guys; they accumulate under your sink, get stuck in that storm drain you always walk by on your way to work and blow urban tumbleweeds across the street at all hours of the day and night. Though the artist’s focus is playful and somewhat off kilter, his approach to this body of work seems almost scientific. Griffin collected, catalogued and scanned an army of plastic bags into the computer. Using this databank as his starting point, the artist made paintings directly from the two dimensional planes of these photographs.