ArtReview’s 2010 Power 100 in Graphs

by Kyle Chayka on October 15, 2010

ArtReview released its annual Power 100 yesterday, a document that makes a spirited attempt at putting the art world into numbers.

The list held a few surprises, but really, what was most un-surprising about the whole affair was how lame and mainstream it was while frontin’ a snarky facade, insider-style. Because really, no one in the art world knew that Gogo had a lot of pull … right?

Here are a few graphs that try to clarify the bullshit and get at what the Power 100 really means.

On Monday, Hyperallergic will release the 2010 edition of its annual Powerless 20 list.

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  • one thing is for sure .. all the people on that list are packing old-paradigm minds


    can you guys print these pie charts on tees plz?

  • Stephanie

    Uh, so everyone who is not an artist is a “hanger-on”? so the people who foot the bill to show the art, the people who buy the art, the people who write about the art? so what should they do, just go jump in a lake? I suppose you would like an art world without collectors or dealers. that would work really well. am boggled as to what that was supposed to mean.

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