Ancient Statues Pose for Selfies

by Alicia Eler on August 12, 2014

Image via imgur

Selfie-ification of Agesandros and Poloydoros Athendoros, “Laocoon and his Sons” (c.1816), plaster, 240 x 141 x 83cm (image via Imgur)

It’s one thing to take a #museumselfie with a work of art, as if to say, “yes, I was here with this artwork” or “yes, here is my reflection in the surface of this piece.” It’s another thing to make Greco-Roman statues look like they were chiseled specifically for selfie-shooting moments.

That’s what Reddit user Jazsus_ur_lookin_well has done, finding a way to make it look like four ancient statues found at the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, Ireland, are taking their own selfies (kind of like these cats). One of the sculptures is “The Fighting Gladiator” (c. 1816), a plaster cast made from a Roman copy of a figure poised for action; the Redditor decided to rename it with the suggestive title, “I want you to chisel over me [NSFW].”

Cruise through the images, admiring the passionate, often times anguished looks on the faces of these sculptures. The selfie shots humanize the artworks, reminding us that they were based on real people; they also make it easy to ignore the histories behind the sculptures in favor of this novel, gotcha moment. Then again, the selfie is now as much a part of the art as the actual history.

Thankfully, the prankster in Ireland was careful not break anything when he took his selfies, unlike some other people

Image via imgur

Selfie-ification of Hamo Thornycroft, “Teucer,” plaster copy, 195 x 105 x 58 cm  (image via Imgur)

Image via imgur

Selfie-ification of Italian School, “Belvedere Apollo,” plaster cast, 243 x 120 x 78 cm (image via Imgur)

Image via imgur

“The Fighting Gladiator” (c. 1816) becomes a selfie entitled “I want you to chisel over me [NSFW].” (image via Imgur)

via Reddit

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  • Fiftyseven

    Ouch! Maybe this fad should be limited to bronze statues.

  • rintintinnabulation

    This has happened. But better.

  • Daisy Diamant-Dillon

    Maybe it should be limited to 12-year -old schoolgirls.

  • Jeffrey Turner

    Lighten up guys, I envision a coffee table book out of this and a show of photos at Deitch Projects! LMFAO
    Enjoy it for what it is and although not earthshaking, some of those photos taken from odd angles are very interesting.

  • rintintinnabulation is funnier

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