Post image for Bronze Sculpture of Selfie-Snappers Stirs a Storm in Sugar Land

It may very well be the first public sculpture that commemorates the act of taking a selfie.

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Post image for Carl Andre, Museum Etiquette, and Me

MILWAUKEE — As I look at this photograph of myself, lying flat with arms outstretched on the Carl Andre, I wonder about my violation of museum etiquette.

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Altarpieces for the Digital Age

by Susan Silas on March 9, 2016

Post image for Altarpieces for the Digital Age

Enter Transfer gallery and your entire field of vision is instantly taken up by a vast screen, measuring 10 by 10 feet, nearly the width of the room.

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Post image for Neigh-sayer Calls Foal Play, Asks Family to Pony Up for Snapping Selfie with Her Horse

The owner of a horse that photobombed a contest-winning selfie, snapped by a three-year-old boy of him and his father, is demanding a share of the prize, arguing that the family should have asked her for permission prior to taking the photograph.

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PETA Sues on Behalf of #MonkeySelfie Macaque

by Laura C. Mallonee on September 24, 2015

Post image for PETA Sues on Behalf of #MonkeySelfie Macaque

It’s the 21st century, and monkeys take selfies. But do they own the copyrights to those images? PETA says yes.

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Post image for Kiev’s Attractive New Police Force Told to Pose for Selfies with Civilians

When 2,000 new police officers were sworn into duty in Kiev last Saturday, Ukrainians couldn’t help noticing how attractive the recruits — a quarter of them women — looked.

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Post image for Russia Releases “Safe Selfie” Guide After String of Deaths and Injuries

Snapping selfies can have pretty serious effects, like damaging art in the quest for likes. In Russia, though, death has become a troublingly common consequence of taking selfies.

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Post image for Obamas Abandon Photo Ban, Bringing Selfies to the White House

This morning, the White House lifted its ban on cameras and photography during public tours, which signals the first time in over 40 years that images by photographers without official credentials will emerge from the famous rooms of the US president’s residence.

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Post image for Taking Selfies for College Credit

We all have those annoying social media friends whose incessant selfies seem little more than digital bragging.

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Post image for Selfie Snappers Smash Baroque Sculpture in Herculean Feat of Stupidity

On Friday two tourists visiting the northern Italian city of Cremona broke part of an 18th-century sculpture they were climbing to take a selfie.

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