Post image for Museums Should Institute No-Photo Hour, British Arts Executive Suggests

One month after the big news that London’s National Gallery now allows visitors to take photographs, the head of Arts Council England has proposed that museums institute a special hour every day when picture-taking is banned.

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Before Selfies, There Were Self-Timers

by Daniel Larkin on September 4, 2014

Birgit Juergenssen,

People were photographing themselves long before the advent of iPhones. A collection of proto-selfies from the mid to late 20th century come together at the Austrian Cultural Forum for the summer exhibition Self-Timer Stories, curated by Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein.

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Ancient Statues Pose for Selfies

by Alicia Eler on August 12, 2014

Selfie-ification of Hamo Thornycroft,

It’s one thing to take a #museumselfie with a work of art, as if to say, “yes, I was here with this artwork” or “yes, here is my reflection in the surface of this piece.” It’s another thing to make Greco-Roman statues look like they were chiseled specifically for selfie-shooting moments.

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The Last Selfie

by Alicia Eler on May 26, 2014

Post image for The Last Selfie

LOS ANGELES — It’s the end of selfies as we know it. Dearest selfie fanatics, this will be my last story for the Hyperallergic selfie column; after one year of chronicling the selfie’s rise to fame, we collectively decided to let this investigation go off into the netherlands of internet data trails.

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Flying High with Selfies

by Alicia Eler on May 12, 2014

Post image for Flying High with Selfies

LOS ANGELES — I was on an airplane flying back from Tulsa when I happened upon the phenomenon of mile-high selfies. Wifi is available up high, so why not take a selfie?

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Keeping Up With the Selfies

by Alicia Eler on April 28, 2014

Post image for Keeping Up With the Selfies

LOS ANGELES — The biggest selfie news of the past week comes from drones, which have spawned a new selfie category: the dronie.

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Don’t Turn Your Back on Selfies

by Alicia Eler on April 14, 2014

Post image for Don’t Turn Your Back on Selfies

LOS ANGELES — A selfie says a thousand words, especially when it’s taken with a longtime friend. We’ve all taken selfies to commemorate something together; it’s as if the moment doesn’t exist if we didn’t take that photo. Some selfie situations are more intense than others, however.

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This Is Your Selfie Reality

by Alicia Eler on April 7, 2014

Post image for This Is Your Selfie Reality

LOS ANGELES — What’s the best thing about selfies right now? That they are everywhere, and there’s nothing you can do to stop them. According to the internet, selfies are both the cause and effect of many social issues today.

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The Curious Thing about #Hashtags

by Alicia Eler on April 2, 2014

Post image for The Curious Thing about #Hashtags

The new web series #Hashtag follows the lives of young queer women in Chicago whose dating patterns and attractions are significantly affected by the technologies that they use and, at times, abuse.

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Selfie Illusions

by Alicia Eler on March 31, 2014

Post image for Selfie Illusions

LOS ANGELES — How do we talk about real shit online? In the selfie world, where we become two-dimensional representations of ourselves as we would like to be seen, it’s sometimes not possible to do more than just like, reblog, retweet, ignore, or simply comment.

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