Social Media Art’s Social Revolution

by Hrag Vartanian on June 9, 2011

This month’s ARTnews magazine includes an extensive feature by veteran arts writer Barbara Pollack on social media art. In her article, she features Hyperallergic’s #TheSocialGraph exhibition and many of the artists in the show, including An Xiao, Jennifer Dalton, Benjamin Lotan of Social Printshop and Man Bartlett, whose “#24hKith” (2010) was performed in our offices at the end of November.

This is a fascinating read for anyone interested in understanding the emergence of social media art and how artists are using the medium to create work.

Read the whole article online here or buy a copy of the magazine at your local bookstore or online through their website — as you can probably imagine the photos really do make a big difference.

Hint: That’s me in the photo above tweeting with An Xiao in her 2010 performance at Escape from New York titled “The Artist Is Kinda Present.” Another view of that performance here.


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