Jennifer Samet

Post image for Beer with a Painter, LA Edition: Charles Garabedian

LOS ANGELES — “I can barely remember doing all this,” Charles Garabedian says to me as he flips through the pages of his own museum exhibition catalog, which I have brought along.

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Hank Pitcher, “Shawn at Sands” (1995)

Hank Pitcher met me when I arrived in Santa Barbara, and as we made our first drive along the beach, he explained that it was one of the rare places with a south-facing coastline, which affects the light, surf, and feel of the area.

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Ed Moses,

Researching the work and career of Ed Moses prior to our visit was like uncovering a trove of stylistic experimentation with abstract painting, and a whole segment of West Coast art history.

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Lecia Dole-Recio,

LOS ANGELES — I visited Lecia-Dole Recio in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, where she lives on a quiet curving street at the top of a hill, close to Dodger Stadium.

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Henry Taylor,

The painter Henry Taylor welcomed me into his live-work loft with particular openness. It didn’t take long for us to get real and talk about family, the stories behind the paintings, and the daily struggles.

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Post image for Beer with a Painter: Thomas Nozkowski and Joyce Robins

Tom Nozkowski and Joyce Robins are married, and I have admired the work of both for years. When I asked them to be the first “Beer with a Painter” subjects interviewed jointly as a couple, they were completely game.

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Post image for Beer with a Painter: Jason Karolak

Jason Karolak and I spoke over beers in his studio one day during the never-ending winter.

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Jason Stopa,

Jason Stopa stands a head taller than most of us and shares some strong ideas about contemporary art with a calm, intellectual confidence. His work, too, is raw, but the delivery system is mellifluous – a world of familiar references and a range of intimate painterly touches.

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Lois Dodd,

Lois Dodd has lived in a loft-studio on Second Street near the Bowery for over fifty years. When visiting her, one is struck by the independence of her lifestyle, as well as her work.

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Beer with a Painter: Gregory Botts

by Jennifer Samet on February 28, 2015

Gregory Botts,

I have known Gregory Botts for about twenty years. Early on, I remember being captivated by the guerilla action he and his wife, fellow painter Jenny Hankwitz, took in the early 1990s: planting sunflowers in the meridian of Houston Street in SoHo.

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