Post image for Locals Remain Lukewarm on Guggenheim’s Helsinki Grab

An extensive report in the New York Times today dives into the Guggenheim’s longstanding bid for a franchise in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, detailing the rocky reception to the project since it was first proposed in 2011.

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Carrie Mae Weems Brings Change to the Guggenheim

by Zeba Blay on February 24, 2014

Post image for Carrie Mae Weems Brings Change to the Guggenheim

This year, Carrie Mae Weems gets the distinctive honor of becoming the first African-American woman to have a retrospective at the Guggenheim — her first major exhibition at any New York museum, ever. It’s one of those honors that sits at an awkward intersection, both disappointing and profound.

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Post image for Museum Websites From the Past Millennium

Browsing the early websites of major art museums makes for an entertaining exercise.

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Unbuilt Museums

by Allison Meier on August 16, 2013

Post image for Unbuilt Museums

Some museums just aren’t meant to be. For reasons of being too complicated, expensive, or just too out there to exist, many architects’ plans for museums have been unrealized.

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Post image for Eight Online Series for Your Art-Hungry Eyes

With summer sweltering and those high air conditioning bills to pay, you’re melting quickly and not made of money. Why not watch some free online art programming to ease your eyes? Here are eight web series available from your internet device.

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Charming Stuff: Danh Vo and Martin Wong

by Ryan Wong on March 27, 2013

Post image for Charming Stuff: Danh Vo and Martin Wong

What is it about the personal collection on display that is so appealing, so instantly resonant? Danh Vo, the artist best known for his conceptual sculpture series We the People (detail), has presented in the exhibition I M U U R 2 some 4,000 objects from the home of Martin Wong.

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Post image for Guggenheim Expands Chinese Art Engagement With New Curator and Commissions

The Guggenheim just announced that with the help of the Robert H. N. Ho Foundation, the museum will greatly expand its engagement with Chinese art and artists.

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Post image for Danh Vo Brings His Historical, Cultural Explorations to the Guggenheim

Danh Vo is a Danish-Vietnamese artist who uses his international background to create poetic sculptures and installations that probe issues of identity and cultural heritage. For “We the People,” the artist turned the Statue of Liberty into 400 separate fragments, manufactured in Shanghai and distributed all over the world.

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Post image for Zarina’s Handmade Paper Prints at the Guggenheim

Zarina’s prints, created with woodcuts on handmade Indian paper, bring to mind for me worn-down maps. That comparison makes sense given the artist’s own meandering background; Zarina Hashmi (her full name) was born in Aligarh, India, and learned her craft in Bangkok, Paris, and Tokyo before settling in New York. In association with her ongoing retrospective, the artist will talk about her wide-ranging aesthetic vocabulary at the Guggenheim on Friday, March 1 at 6:30 PM, with a viewing and reception to follow..

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Delve into the History of UAE Art at the Guggenheim

by Sponsor on February 21, 2013

Post image for Delve into the History of UAE Art at the Guggenheim

Contemporary art is a resolutely global affair, but it can be difficult to learn about international art scenes without a big travel budget. On Tuesday, February 26, at 6:30 pm, Reem Fadda, Associate Curator of Middle Eastern Art at the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Project, will explore the contemporary history of the United Arab Emirates art scene in a lecture at the museum, “The Contemporary History of the UAE Art Scene.”

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