What NOT to Do with Kids in a Museum

@TheodoreArt's pic of parents "critiquing" a Judd.
@TheodoreArt’s pic of parents “critiquing” a Judd.

Bushwick gallerist Stephanie Theodore is at the Tate Modern today and spotted this hilarious/sad/incredible/unbelievable (so many mixed emotions) scene of parents allowing their child to use a Donald Judd sculpture as a … er … a bunk bed.

In response to my question of whether she actually took this almost-hard-to-believe scene, she responded:

yes. I told the woman the the kids were using a $10mm art work as a toy, she told me I knew nothing abt kids. Obv she doesn’t either

Theodore mentioned she told the staff about the couple’s actions and the Tate was grateful for the tip. But let’s face it, this type of thing isn’t as rare as one might think. The work in the photo appears to be Donald Judd’s “Untitled” (1980), but I haven’t been able to verify that.

No word if Ikea will be considering a new line of children’s bunk beds inspired by Judd. Fingers crossed!

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