The entrance to Aqua Art Miami (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic)

The exterior of Aqua Art Miami (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic)

MIAMI BEACH — This was the 10th year of Aqua Art Miami, which transforms the Aqua Hotel in Miami Beach into a boutique-like art fair. The fair overtook the first and second floors of the building, with art-filled rooms surrounding a small courtyard where visitors broke to dip their feet in the hot tub and sip $13 cocktails.

This was Aqua’s second year since being bought by Art Miami, a blue-chip fair running its 25th edition in Miami proper. With 46 booths Aqua was adequately approachable. Small rooms made for a quick tour, as well as interesting placement of art. Often I was drawn into the bathrooms and closets, intrigued by the ingenious use of space within these cramped quarters.

Entrance to Aqua Art Miami

Installation view of the Toomey Tourell booth with Allison Paschke, “Gold and White Vessel: Sine” (2012) on back wall

Andrea Joyce Heimer, “If You’re Okay Then I’m Okay And We Can Do This Until We’re Very Old,” in the Good Luck Gallery booth

Unintentional bathroom installation in the Whitespace Gallery booth

Jim Payne installation view in the Coagula Curatorial booth

Jim Payne detail in the Goagula Curatorial booth

Aqua Art Miami, as seen from the courtyard

Hot tub

Edra Soto, “Tropicalamerican(Multi)” (2014), in the ArtSlant booth

Installation view of the Shulamit Gallery booth

Kristin Skees, “Bret & Mindi Lcee,” in the Mayer Fine Art booth

Intentional bathroom installation at the Industry Gallery booth

MK Guth, “100 Grand” (2014), in the Elizabeth Leach Gallery booth

Aqua Art Miami 2014 took place December 3–7 at the Aqua Hotel (1530 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach).

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