The nude Trump statue in Union Square (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic)

The nude Trump statue in Union Square (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic)

Today, Donald Trump stood nude in the center of Union Square. Well, a life-size, clay sculpture of him — and wow, is it unforgiving. Like Illma Gore’s infamous portrait of the Republican presidential nominee come to life, the hollow work has a micropenis adorned with golden curls, lying below a bulbous, sagging belly. His butt is pockmarked like the surface of the moon, wrinkles line his face like creases on a carrot, and varicose veins crawl all over his pale body, which is tinged pink. You could spot him, based on his signature blonde hair, from far off, but up close there are surprising details: his nails are painted pink, he wears a masonic ring, and a plaque at his feet reads, “THE EMPEROR HAS NO BALLS ~ INDECLINE.” The word “Ginger” is also etched into the statue’s base.

The nude Trump statue in Union Square (click to enlarge)

A collective of guerrilla street artists, Indecline recently claimed to have created the largest work of illegal graffiti in the world, but its members work anonymously. (They also have a controversial track record, explored by Vandalog earlier this year.) Chess players who set up their tables at Union Square this morning told Hyperallergic that they witnessed two middle-aged, white men plant the sculpture on the plaza around 9:40 am; the men were allegedly dressed as construction workers, wearing red helmets as they carried the work underneath a plastic sheet, which they removed before quickly taking off.

According to the Washington Post, the sculpture is titled “The Emperor Has No Balls” and took four months to realize. “Ginger” reportedly refers to a Las Vegas–based artist who conceived of and created the statue using 300 pounds of clay and silicone.

“Like it or not, Trump is a larger-than-life figure in world culture at the moment,” an Indecline spokesperson told the Post. “Looking back in history, that’s how those figures were memorialized and idolized in their time — with statues.”

Workers removed the statue around 1:20pm, but at noon, when Hyperallergic visited, crowds had swarmed the piece, either having spotted pictures of it on social media or simply passing by on their way to work. Everyone was laughing and jostling to snap selfies; people touched it and marveled at its accuracy. Many described it as “amazing,” although one woman grimaced, calling it “scary.” Some commented on the construction, noting a large seam running down Trump’s thigh that marks where Ginger clearly affixed two separate pieces together.

“I think it’s a good political statement,” Tyler Donnellan, an audio and visual installer who works in the area, told Hyperallergic. “Like how open to the public he is, rather than how Trump is very closed off to everyone. The statue is there for the people of America. Now we get to see him for what he really is than what he portrays himself as.”

A pair of NYPD officers observing the scene from afar told Hyperallergic they were trying to find the work’s owner.

“If it’s got an owner, it’s freedom of artistic expression,” one simply said.

The nude Trump statue in Union Square

The nude Trump statue in Union Square

The nude Trump statue in Union Square

The nude Trump statue in Union Square

The nude Trump statue in Union Square

The nude Trump statue in Union Square

The nude Trump statue in Union Square

The nude Trump statue in Union Square

Update, 8/18, 4:10pm: NYC Parks sent Hyperallergic the following statement after it removed the piece:

NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.

Update, 8/19, 12:34pm: The Union Square statue was one of five Indecline planted across the country, with nude Trumps bearing all in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Cleveland as well. The one in Cleveland disappeared quickly, and officials removed the San Francisco one overnight. LA’s nude Trump, according to the LA Times, now resides inside a local gift shop and gallery, and may remain pending approval from the city attorney. Meanwhile, owners of a thrift store in Seattle literally grabbed the statue, saving it from getting impounded, and it now lives among other bizarre artifacts, including a figure of ET.

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  1. In an Israeli art school, a graduate exhibited a nude painting of the woman Minister of Law. The head of the school, a former minister of education from the Left, ordered it removed as being misgynist
    (For some reason, this kind of sexist political protest seems to come from the Left.)

    With regards to its effectiveness in influencing people’s votes? Zero. It mainly helps Williamsburg hipsters with parents who paid their tuitions, feel more intelligent than the inbred Hillbillies and fascist old church ladies, living between th Appalachoans and SF Bay.
    Insulting people is no way to convince them.

    1. Sexual humour always comes from the left and the reason is the left enjoy sex and aren’t afraid of it whilst at the same time they know the right gets really upset and are scared of sex.

      1. Unless it’s with children. Just ask Dennis Hastert, Mark Foley and Jerry Sandusky (who is a card carrying conservative Republican).

          1. No but I detest child molestors who hide in conservative clothing, go to church every Sunday and wail about gay marriage or abortion, while leading secret lives.

      2. Look again. The Right indulges, may or may not enjoy it, are certainly afraid (if only for others), and are ‘scared’ because it is ‘sacred’. [see also Eye Offend’s reply to Paul, and to Fred Beloit]

        1. Sex isn’t sacred, that’s just idiots telling you lies wanting to fuck with your head so they can control you, there are even wankers blowing themselves and others up because they can’t get any with their fucked heads. Everything alive on the planet has sex in all it’s different forms and guise, it’s the most natural thing there is, it is after all the reason you exist and were created for.

          1. Well, I must say your language is very explicit. It’s not very informative, nothing new, no insights, though it tries, and I get your drift, but it IS explicit.

            I would suggest you learn to read. Did you really think that I was saying sex is ‘sacred’? In fact, I was writing in support of what you had said. Now I’m not so sure exactly what that is.

            Furthermore, many on the right (and, to be fair, on the left) DO hold by certain religious beliefs (their right in a free, open, and pluralistic society). I was having a bit of fun, as I thought should have gone without saying, with the fact that ‘scared’ and ‘sacred’ are made up of the same letters (thus the inverted commas). But, based on your response, that too seems to have slipped by you.

            In the future, I’ll try to remember who ‘paul’ is, and avoid responding to you.

      3. It will be interesting to see the crude photoshopped photos of president Hillary and her steamy inter-continental conquests. Can you imagine the sexy filth that will develop in four years including new technologies to fully immerse yourself inside?

        Only prudes would get upset though.

    2. Why would Trump supporters be insulted by this statue when they haven’t been offended by having their very intelligence insulted by Trump himself?

  2. The details about the process to make something like this are incredibly unclear in this article. Based on the photos, it was most likely sculpted out of wet clay, a silicone mold was made from this, then it was cast in a lightweight material such as resin, then painted. So the sculpture itself most likely is not made out of clay or silicone. The lines you mention are likely the parting lines from the mold, or if it was cast as separate pieces, the lines of where each part connects. Your writing makes it sound like it is pieces of clay glued together. I doubt there is any glue involved; they would be attached by an epoxy or additional resin to bond the separate pieces. Two men would not be able to move or discreetly install a life-size ceramic piece that weighed 300lbs when wet. I am a sculptor and fabricator, as well as an art handler and installer. Both the construction and install are more intricate and time consuming than you suggest. Do your research or edit for clarity.

          1. Ted Kaczynski is the head of that party, didn’t work out too well for him though. The Smithsonian rebuilt his crappy little shack piece by piece, that’s something.

          2. Really? They could rent it out for overnight stays to wannabe crazed mystery bombers. If it were crappy enough it wouldn’t be much trouble to rebuild on those occasions when the guests blew it up.

          3. That’s just the thing, only the fully committed anarchists blow themselves up in the end. That’s the full anarchy cycle, to simply go on living is just plain silliness

          4. Of course, plain silliness. A proper anarchist would reject the notion of a Serious Life — that would be a ruling narrative, a grand récit imposed by the forces of social domination and coercion.

          5. So it’s basically a sliding scale of anarchy. Although it is pretty cool consider oneself an anarchist artist, there’s a tshirt in urban outfitters saying so. Kaczynski wasn’t into the cool factor like these artists, but he should have blown his brains out before hurting others instead of ending up being property of the State. Anarchy is cooler than being a nihilist though, there’s something very suburban white teenage boy angst about it.

          6. I’m afraid so. Did you ever see the pre-broken windows? Another product. Nihilism has already been taken care of, too; you can get a bumper sticker that says ‘Whatever.’ Very suburban white teenage boy angst at the Mall, and something for Dad too.

  3. …chuckles…
    Sculpture and response are quite delightful…

    “NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.”

      1. Oh please. He’s a joke candidate. Treat this like the joke it is. The Parks Commission did the right thing.

      2. Since he didn’t say anything in favour of or against any candidate or took any position whatsoever, this employee did nothing to violate any potential workplace code of conduct. Hoping someone loses their job and livelihood over a silly joke — aren’t you a peach?

        1. You seem to be one of the many people who speaks English, but doesn’t understand it. Did you not hear the giggles when the note was read?
          It wasn’t a silly joke about kittens, it was an idiotic political statement, for those who engage in and enjoy sexual enuendoes.
          Back to school!

          1. I’m not sure what English comprehension has to do with it as it’s pretty simple. The art was a political statement. The comment by the park employee was a lark, a riffing on the statue but hardly worth someone losing their livelihood. The fact that you want this person fired speaks volumes about the kind of despicable person you are. You’ll probably deny being a Trump supporter but you certainly fit the stereotype.

          2. I don’t support Trump, though may vote for him in the absence of another candidate who doesn’t promote the status quo as some possible solution for the mess we’re in. If you’re comfortable, good for you. Many aren’t.

          3. “may vote for him”: then you support Trump. Whoever is president will appoint up to three supreme court justices. Hillary will appoint centrist and left-of centre judges. Trump — who knows, but it won’t be good. If you’re comfortable with that, well good for you in that you clearly have nothing to lose with a Trump presidency. Many, however, will lose much. As for the “mess we’re in”: things are, relatively, good in the US right now.

          4. Marriage equality, and so far Roe v Wade is safe. And Obamacare is still better than no care. Maybe the US will grow up and get universal health someday.

            With two more Scalias the US would tumble into the abyss.

          5. On one hand you’re saying that the boat is balanced, but you want to shake it to the left.
            Do you know how many friends Scalia had in the Supreme Court, and who they are?
            You seem to call them stupid and maybe mean.

  4. The photos of people taking photos of the Trump statue are even funnier.
    And…….soon the naked Hillary statues will appear and watch the media scream “sexism”, blame Trump for the statues and, of course, Hyper will ignore the white Hillary statue story.

    1. Or then again…. maybe not. This article doesnt mention that the same statue appeared in (IIRC) four other cities, all at the same time. That’s commitment to a statement.

    2. As far as I recall, Clinton never mocked other people for their appearance and physicality the way Trump routinely does. Nor suggested that a person’s value lies only in their sexual appeal, as Trump seems to do with all women.

      This statue is crass, but suggesting a similar statue of Hilary would be the same thing is willfully dense.

  5. I’m curious how a statue of naked hillary would be received. I suspect a double standard here. The left would be screaming mysogeny and would likely go on to bash trump supporters as ignorant and dangerous. It’s interesting how the article goes out of its way to describe the statue as “unforgiving” listing every possible “physical deformity” of the trump statue. Since when is it acceptable to judge our political leaders on looks male or female? Yesterday’s Hyperallergic article on marina Abramovic went out of its way to paint her as a pseudo racist for describing aborigines as dinosaurs. Perhaps the left is not fond of playing by the very same rules and standards it holds its opponents?

    1. Marina may have been young and naive when she described Aboriginal PEOPLE as “dinosaurs”, but the fact that YOU can be so flippant about it speaks volumes about how superior you see yourself to everyone that doesn’t look like you. And, since Donald Trump thinks it’s perfectly fine to judge a professional woman’s competence by her looks, I’d say he invited this. Personally, I don’t think anyone should stoop as low as Trump and the statue was a little mean spirited.

      1. Oh dear how presumptuous to assert your ideas on what a total stranger thinks about himself and others. As I stated yesterday in the marina article reading comprehension skills necessitates reading a quote in context. Marina clearly was praising aborigines as neglected national treasures as old and time worn as dinasaurs. Not everything you disagree with has to be squeezed into an antagonistic worldview. Furthermore Personal attacks on strangers will win you no points but rather points to the weakness of your debating and tolerance skills.

    2. You raise an interesting question about how a Hillary statue would be perceived. There may be people who make an issue out of it but I doubt Hillary herself would. She does not run around talking about how sexy and hot she is. It is irrelevant to her election or what would be her service as the President.

      On the other hand, Mr. Trump is incredibly vain and very sensitive to any slights that impune upon his prowess, virility, size, intellect or sexual capabilities. This statue skewers him in one of the spots where he is most sensitive. It makes his blood boil and he goes off topic if someone questions any of the characteristics that he sees in himself.

      1. Contrary to Renee Stouts comment below I appreciate your point of view for staying on topic rather than personally attacking me. You make a valuable and important point.

        1. Oh poor you, you feel so “attacked”. The Aboriginal artist Nayuka Gorrie, who posted the “self-portrait” as dinosaur image in response to the article didn’t seem to think Marinas word’s were so “praising”. Seems as though it was rather hurtful to her, but obviously an opinion on the subject coming straight from an Aborigine person went over your head.

          1. News flash just because she felt that way doesn’t make the statement mean what she “felt” it means. Marina does not go out of her way to insult aborigine and she clarified her remarks. You seem to want to be agressive and dismiss your own ad hominem attacks on me as acceptable discourse. They are not. Good luck bridging gaps and healing divides with your anger issues.

          2. Oh wow, how entitled of you to decide how that statement should make Nakuya feel. Your excuse making certainly isn’t bridging any gaps and healing any divides, which by the way should be a two way street. MY anger issues? Ahh yes, here we go: the stereotypical accusation of black women being angry just because they dare to have an opinion. Of course you would need to deflect from your own insensitivity by perceiving me as the one with the anger issues. Well if you need to see it that way for you to remain in your comfort zone, then so be it. However, YOU seem to be extremely angry (and overly defensive) that I even questioned your original statement. Good luck to you as well, your going to need it as the world rapidly changes around your little self-righteous bubble.

          3. Yes it’s clear now you lack the proper reading comprehension skills. I have no problem with Nakuya feeling as she does. I just said just Bc she feels that way doesn’t make the statement mean what she feels it means. The meaning of someone’s words is not based on how you feel about them but on the larger context of the text. As for me I have no problem with you having an opinion. I have a problem with you attacking me personally. It’s called an ad hominem attack and has no place in educated debate. You are entitled to be as angry as you want. But again you won’t be making many allies or changing any hearts/minds with regards to racism or anything else. My momma always said you can catch more bees with honey than vinegar. Good luck to you.

          4. No, you are the one that apparently lacks comprehension skills. This all started when you decided to embellish what Marina actually wrote in her diary with your own interpretation of it. Here’s what you said: “Marina clearly was praising aborigines as neglected national treasures as old and time worn as dinasaurs.” Here’s what Marina actually wrote: “They look like dinosaurs.” and a little later in the passage…”For one thing, to Western eyes they look terrible.” Why would you feel the need to alter what she actually said? My guess is that you knew, deep down what it sounded like so you needed to change it to something more palatable. Newsflash, you have proven to me what’s actually in your heart through this brief exchange and it’s not my job to “win you over” or change your heart and mind with honey, softer words or anything else. I don’t need for you to like me as I don’t have anything to prove to you. it’s your job to get over your own racist impulses and work on changing your own heart and mind…good luck with THAT!

          5. Um….Bc I read the next sentence after the dinasaur line which states roughly “they should be treated as national treasures. They are not.” Apparently in your blind rage and anger you missed that line. I think you’d be happier in life if you stopped running around pointing fingers at people you don’t know calling them racists.

          6. Aborigines as “national treasures” as in inanimate objects, or animals in a zoo, like pandas or something. Oh I’m perfectly happy and content, just a bit annoyed and losing patience with holier-than-thou, condescending people like yourself. Don’t mistake my irreverence for your self-importance as anger. It isn’t. I don’t run around calling people racists willy-nilly, just people who have an inability to respect the full humanity of others and treat them in a patronizing way. By the way, you never addressed why you chose to embellish Marina’s words instead of saying exactly what she said. Why don’t you run that by one of your black friends and see how it sets with them…that’s if you have any.

          7. I did answer you. I wasn’t attempting to embellish her words but to explain/restate her words in context of her intentions. But you seem to object to her using the term national treasures as a good thing. Regardless of what you think of that term it is clear her intentions were good. Her words were inelegant but you can’t run around pointing racist fingers at people Bc they express their words differently than you. Intentions matter. Accept that if she made a mistake her intention was at worst naive at best complimentary. On a further note you should afford me the same respect in conversation instead of running to assume the worst of someone you don’t know. I read her words and most people as having good intentions. Don’t rush to assume people are mean spirited. If she said something insensitive I believe her when she clarified that it wasn’t her intention. Let’s move on from this and assume the best in people. We all come from different backgrounds and have many unintentional pregidous. I will assume that despite your attacks on me your intention is to live in a world of equality. I get that. Just most people are good even if they are naive and ignorant at times.

      2. It seems a large part of Hillary’s driving vote is the platform that she is a woman. That has been drilled and drilled into everyone’s heads so it will be interesting to read articles about misogyny during her presidency when she fought so hard to make it known that she was a woman. Wait until the real political cartoonists and satirists distort the fat aging old American corrupt evil NEW president. Dickhead don will go back to being a celebrity.

    3. Trump is a joke candidate, pure and simple, who sets himself up for this kind of treatment. I suggest dealing with it, because he’s earned every bit of the scorn headed in his direction.

      Mrs Clinton, on the other hand, may not be perfect, but if your increasingly demented country has an ounce of reason left, it wont take even that much to see that come November you really have no choice: she may be considered a b**** in some circles, but she gets things done. Donald has already said that if by some wild change he won, his VP would be doing all the heavy lifting while he’s out there cutting ribbons and waving to the cameras while raking in millions (through his “trust”) from all the government contracts he’ll oh so gently shove in his direction. Is that what you want?

      1. I’d rather see him get those contracts rather than Hillary get funding from foreign dictatorial and genicidal regimes. One is self agrandizing the other is treasonous. I don’t consider Hillary a bitch at all. What I do consider her is criminal reckless and lacking judgment when it comes to national security. Like you said come November there really isn’t a choice.

        1. Wow. there is not a shred of evidence to support that view, a view spread by neo-cons who–strangely–had zero problem with, say, outing an active CIA agent, fabricating evidence to start a war, lifting the no-fly zone to get Saudi donors out of the country after 911, violating the Geneva convention, legitimizing torture, privatizing war for profit, squandering the largest budget surplus in history in record time and gutting the regulatory and social safety nets to create the largest disparity of income in the history of humans.

          But, yeah, running an e-mail server with a few retroactively classified documents out of ten of thousands, resulting in zero damage is what’s REALLY dangerous :eyeroll

          1. Deny deny deny. 33,000 deleted emails seems to be a lot of work for nothing. Can’t wait for the next wiki leaks dump in September. Let’s meet back here for your mea culpa

          2. Yeah, and tell us about the FIVE MILLION emails deleted by Bush and Company when they all left office, most of which were around the run-up to Bush’s Folly in invading Iraq. Any investigations into that? Nope, didnt think so. Two thousand embassy workers died during his reign of stupidity. Any investigation there?

            :: crickets ::

            Arent you getting a little tired of being led around by that big brass ring through your nose?

        2. Yessit, let’s vote for the Really Stupid Bigot Who Honestly Doesnt Want The Job. But then that seems pretty typical of you Ameircans: one has only to look at your dysfunctional Congress to see that kind of in-action.

      2. Have you seen upstate NY, the real stats about unimployment, national debt, ISIS, violence in inner cities, violence in Gun Free zones, the gap between rich and poor, black and white, administrators and education, police and civilians, Americans being killed or detained by nations we’re not at war with?
        What has she done? You seem to have a long list I haven’t seen.

        1. LOL — okay, what is she supposed t do? Slap on some red/white/and/blue tights and fix everything for you with a wave of her hand? Jesus, you people act like your politicians are supposed to be a combination of gods and kings, and then you get upset about “government overreach!” In case you missed the civics class, the naitonal debt is for Congress to deal with, and it aint exactly done a whole lot. Violence in inner cities? You’ve had that for a far longer time than she’s even been alive. Maybe it’s up to *you* to do something about that instead of waiitng on DC to step in like the nanny state you claim to not want in your land of bootstrap rugged individualism?

          And think about one thing you wrote: “Americans being killed or detained by nations we’re not at war with?” HELLO! Like it or not, YOU’RE AT WAR WITH THEM because you invaded the entire region on a pack of presumptive lies! You’ve spent decades manipulating the entire Middle East just for the sake of oil and treating the inhabitants there like low-info, short-bus-riding mental midgets. What do you expect them to do, look at you and say, “Oh you’re Americans! I guess I’m not supposed to do anything here!”?

          What’s Trump done? Slapped up a bunch of financially losing real estate and shout a lot of bombast. Is that what you SERIOUSLY want for a president? Good God, man, how stupid are the voters down there?

          1. LOL — as secretary of state, she kept your country out of more trouble than it was bound and determined to get into. Maybe that’s not enough for you. So *my* question stands — what do you expect of her? To suddenly gain magical powers to fix all these things that folks like you are apparently so irresponsible that you cant fix yourselves?

            C’mon, dude, let’s hear it. You have expectations — lay ’em out there, then tell me how she’s supposed to accomplish it all by herself.

          2. Didn’t she get us in trouble in Iraq as a senator, in Syria as the Secretary of State?
            Just because you say she did well, doesn’t mean it’s true.
            I can think of many other places and instances too, but some have been dismissed by the media and the DOJ, with no explanation.

          3. You keep avoiding answering he question, dude: WHAT IS SHE SUPPOSED TO DO BY HERSELF TO MAKE YOU HAPPY?

            For Christ’s sake, take some goddam responsibility here before demanding she fix every goddam problem for you. You want inner city violence curbed? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. You want gun-free zones to actually, you know, work for a change? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. But if you cant or just dont want to bother doing (which I gather is the excuse you’ll trot out next), then at least man up and admit it.

            You Americans are sometimes so damn laughable. Like I said earlier, you want you government to do all these great things for you so you can whine about “overreach!” and “interference!” and “individual liberty!” You stomp around the globe telling everyone else how to run their countries “in the name of freedom!” but you damn sure have plenty of selective problems with it at home. You’ll get all outraged when your leaders dont act the way you want them to, but you’re too damn lazy to do anything about the issue on your own beyond electing people even more stupid for your governance. Let me know when you come to grips when that conundrum; I”m sure all of us around the world will find your answer most amusing.

          4. In other words, ya got nothin’. Zero. Zilch. You cant even answer one little question defending your specious views without deflecting it off into some artistic discussion about Magritte.

            Face it, troll: you’re just a fraud. Let me know when you come back with sometjhing resembling a real answer. I’m sure we’ll all be astounded and amazed.

            … moving on.

          5. You seem to think that you understand what you’re reading.
            Did you hear my link?
            How is the real Dick wrong in your humble opinion.
            You know that he knows the Clintons very well, don’t you?
            He knows Monica also, he’s seen her perform.

    4. Naked Hilary would not be the same thing at all. There’s no reason for that other than pure spite and irrational hatred.

      Naked Trump works as art because this is exactly what Trump suggests other people look like: completely and utterly inadequate and unacceptable. He routinely attacks women on their looks and sexuality rather than any pertinent aspect of their job performance. He has attacked a disabled person for…being disabled, I guess.

      Face it, the clown is a bully and a loser. He deserves this crass response.

  6. For reasons I cannot yet explain this statue makes me feel sad.

    Perhaps it’s because I feel that this object mocks aging and
    becoming over-weight, which can be a devilish problem as we age and we
    fail to be able to adjust our eating and physical activity to our
    changing metabolisms. There is also the loss of attractiveness and
    desire which most of us will find very distressing. Maybe that’s all
    of it for me. It’s a D project at best. Hitting below the belt, shallow and missing the point.

    There is no
    question at all that Trump is a fake, a pig and a creep. He hits below
    the belt all the time but I do not, not even when I’m dealing with
    someone who does, which has happened to me many times. My self respect
    won’t put up with shaming myself that way. The issues at stake with
    Trump are the vicious and dangerous ideas he represents. It’s not how
    he looks or the size of this penis that matters, it’s the pathetic smallness and
    meanness of his thoughts and behavior.

    1. I agree, well stated. I despise Trump, but I appreciate that you are a human being with empathy no matter how despicable Trump himself is.

      1. There you go. Trump’s opponents did the ‘body shaming, fatphobia, transphobia’, etc., and he’s blamed for it. How about owning your shit, as the saying goes?

    2. I find it sad, but I also find it telling, demonstrating as it does the deep juvenility at the heart of so much Trump bashing. What makes Trump so appealing to his fans, his schoolyard bully routine, is what makes him so appealing to mock by people who differ from him only in politics, but not maturity, intellect, or anything else that would matter.

      This sculpture is a trophy to American idiocy, and everyone obsessed with Trump has earned it.

  7. I believe Trump was originally a brunette … but perhaps he dyes down there too. And whoever wrote the NYC Parks statement should get a huge raise. And a medal.

    1. Well, that’s a totally unexpected reponse.


      OK, so tell us, what’s so “gay” about this?

  8. I love art. Period. But, this is not the way to voice our opinion in the political stage. Voting is the best way to voice our wishes. Doing this to mock his appearance at he is aging is not a great way to voice our opinions.

  9. How does this work advance the serious decisions the American voters must make in November? Priciples, not personalities.

    1. This artwork is deflecting Trumps principles back onto him in a very unflattering way, a way that his supporters can’t ignore like they ignore his actual words and actions. Trump hates women and feels they are only valuable when they look sexy to him. He hates disabled people, and openly mocks them. He hates minorities.

      Hopefully art advances the serious decisions we must make by reaching us through different emotional pathways than words do.

  10. “…thrift store in Seattle literally grabbed the statue,….
    AKA stealing….

    Wish the article would have had more information; such as:
    How much did it cost to make the multiple statues?
    Who funded the costs to make and transport the multiple statues?

  11. Trump’s Reality-show is refected in this reality art. It is real. That’s all. Love it or hate it. Just fine.


  13. I thought the statues of a naked trump by indecline brilliant, and fulfilled the role of art, and its bastard child, agit-prop, as being subversive and cathartic. People were able to laugh and gawk at a man who has dominated the airwaves for over 365 days in authoritarian language that is bellicose, offensive and often in total disregard to facts. Trump is a bully, and whether you like him for that or hate him for that, we can all agree he’s a bully. The naked sculptures are a way to however ironically, humanize this man who has come to dominate our lives. Naked, vulnerable, people can deal with the symbol of him on a new and healthy level. What’s not to appreciate about that? People can get a cathartic laugh in what has been a nasty campaign. Anybody who suggest this is is about body shaming is being so unbelievably obtuse and disingenuous that it’snot worth debating. If you want to evaluate art based on a narrowly prescribed absurd set of PC ideas that you created, you’re going to lose out on the richer experiences of art. The naked sculptures of Trump had nothing to do with body shaming. It was just about shaming — something Trump desperately needs.

  14. Only a mentally ill and evil would do this. Only a mentally ill or evil individual would worship or approve of this. Now we conclusively know who the real bullies are.

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