Still from Tomonari Nishikawa, "45 7 Broadway" (2013), 5 min (courtesy Tomonari Nishikawa)

Still from Tomonari Nishikawa, “45 7 Broadway” (2013), 5 min (courtesy Tomonari Nishikawa)

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a museum or gallery trying to watch a film or video work while struggling to tune out countless distractions? If so, BAM’s Migrating Forms offers this simple yet enticing solution: come watch it in a movie theater! For its eighth year, the series continues to pick standouts from biennials, festivals, museum exhibitions, and other venues for moving-image works.

This year’s slate features programs devoted to the Canadian art collective General Idea, the director-turned-artist Cauleen Smith (who was just interviewed by Hyperallergic), and the experimental filmmaker Leslie Thornton. Also included is a selection of films by Jonathas de Andrade, among them his poetic and surprisingly sensual “O Peixe” (recently reviewed in Hyperallergic); a half-dozen works by Sondra Perry (several of which were included in her show at the Kitchen last year); and more than a dozen pieces by Tomonari Nishikawa, including five of his playful sketch films. If that lineup somehow isn’t enticing enough, consider another advantage of seeing experimental films and video art in this context: popcorn.

Still from General Idea, "Test Tube" (1979), 29 min (courtesy General Idea)

Still from General Idea, “Test Tube” (1979), 29 min (courtesy General Idea)

When: Friday, March 24–Thursday, March 30
Where: Brooklyn Academy of Music (30 Lafayette Avenue, Fort Greene, Brooklyn)

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