The meme-ification of Donald Trump has been a growing phenomenon that speaks loudly to the absurdity of the 45th president, from his facial expressions to his gestures. Nearly every public appearance he makes yields photographs that the internet has had a field day photoshopping, from that awkward moment with Justin Trudeau to the day he gleefully helmed a great big truck. Redditors often host Photoshop battles to alter photographs of Trump; entire Twitter and Instagram accounts devoted entirely to such hilarious output have also emerged.

Aside from providing levity, some of these images actually demonstrate very impressive editing skills. There’s the popular Twitter account @TrumpDraws, run by an LA-based visual effects designer who has identified himself only as Mike, which spits out GIFs of Trump showing off childlike drawings instead of executive orders; Instagram’s @ogtrumpqueen, created by graphic designer Michael Krauthamer, slickly swaps out the British queen’s face for Trump’s mug, so you can enjoy the stern misogynist shouting and looking grumpy in women’s formalwear — wide-brimmed floral hats and all. Most recently, someone very skillfully photoshopped pictures of the president’s bewilderingly long ties, deftly extending his sartorial faux-pas so that it dominates entire scenes, becoming the proverbial elephant in the room.

Some may brush off these exercises as childish jabs, but there’s no man who appreciates a childish jab more than Trump (just take a glance at his own Twitter account). And hey, we all need a healthy dose of laughter to get through this presidency.

Below, enjoy five of the greatest collections of Trump memes thus far.


@Trump Draws

/r/Tiny Trump

Tiny Trumps meeting with Obama, after being elected. from TinyTrumps

The First Family from TinyTrumps

Meeting Daddy with Kellyanne from TinyTrumps


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