Astor Place Cube Latest to Get a Crocheted Cozy [UPDATED]

Bernard Rosenthal’s “Alamo” (1967) gets the Olek treatment. (photo courtesy Alex Sarkesian)

Is there anything Olek won’t crochet? Is anyone or thing safe from her maniacal need to cover things up? Another question we’re pondering, do we like Bernard Tony Rosenthal’s “Alamo” (1967) better this way? Hmmm …

Olek is so gangsta she has a video of the making of. Another thing, Astor Place isn’t exactly a low-traffic area. How did the cops not see her do this?

Gothamist has some nice pics of the installation.

UPDATE: It has already been taken down:!/hyperallergic/statuses/120990167396909057

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