Artists Comb Through the Getty Center, Making Music with Hairbrushes and More

The Friday Flights performance series invites artists to engage with the less-explored corners of the Getty’s sprawling campus and use it as an unconventional stage.

Molly Surno’s “We of Me” performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, 2015 (image courtesy the artist)

Perched high above the boulevards below, the Getty Center houses one of the country’s most impressive collections of European and American Art in its picturesque, hilltop citadel. Instead of being simply a backdrop for the art, however, the Friday Flights performance series reimagines the Getty’s sprawling campus as an unconventional stage for a diverse group of artists and musicians. Upon disembarking from the Getty’s tram for this Friday’s program, visitors will encounter We of Me, a choreographed performance for 20 men using amplified hairbrushes. As they groom each other, artist Molly Surno and musician Brian Chase of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will mix the sound generated by their actions, resulting in a lush, ambient composition.

Wandering throughout the complex will be 50 performers participating in Other Sky, organized by the Institute for New Feeling. Holding iPads and iPhones, they will reveal a fractured narrative about an impending ecological disaster, bits of which can be gleaned by glancing at or eavesdropping on their devices. Meanwhile, in the Getty’s courtyard, neo-psych, hypnagogic pop artist Sun Araw will perform a musical set that activates some of the less-explored corners of the site. Incorporating elements of Krautrock-influenced drone, lo-fi electronic loops, reggae, and Afrobeat, Sun Araw aims to reconnect with the transformative, mind-altering roots of psychedelia.

When: Friday, July 14, 6–9pm
Where: The Getty Center (1200 Getty Center Drive, Brentwood, Los Angeles)

More info here.

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