An Alternative Survey of Art in LA

Throughout the month of August, Maiden LA will stage over 140 events, performances, and exhibitions by unrepresented artists in unconventional spaces.

Lisa Wahlander, “The Impermanent Sky” (courtesy of the artist and Maiden LA)

The Los Angeles art scene used to be located in a few easily navigable clusters, but over the past decade, galleries and alternative spaces have popped up in every corner, from Santa Monica to El Sereno, Glendale to San Pedro. Now in its second year, Maiden LA is a monthlong, county-wide series of over 140 events, performances, and exhibitions, organized by Salomeh Grace and Molly Schulman.

Inspired by the Hammer Museum’s biennial show Made in L.A., the organizers were driven to give a platform to unrepresented artists and unconventional spaces. The entire schedule can be perused here, but some highlights include Lisa Wahlander’s sunset performances each Sunday at Pieterspace; Encounter, a series of improvisational performances organized by Mariel Carranza; and the “Genealogy of Domination,” a dance based on Leni Riefenstahl’s Berlin Olympics photos, staged outside the LA Police Department Headquarters.

When: Throughout August
Where: Locations all over Los Angeles County

More info here.

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