Kate Kretz, “Lie Hole IV” (2017), colored pencil on black Rives BFK paper, 10 x 8 inches, from the “Lie Hole” series

This mouth has bullied and cheated its way through the world.

This mouth has claimed self-invention, but was born gnawing a silver spoon.

This mouth blusters and brags.

This mouth promises to pay the builders of its empire; then refuses, counter-sues, and laughs.

This mouth can’t suppress its instinctive, arrogant sneer.

This mouth incites hatred and violence, spreading intolerant aggression like a cancer.

This mouth expresses glee at its own retaliatory cruelty.

This mouth will say and do anything to win.

This mouth is oblivious to its own stupefying ignorance.

This mouth, wet with slime, has forced open countless unwilling lips.

This mouth degrades the women he can’t manage to get  his tiny, swollen hands on.

This mouth has a predatory predilection for young girls (daughter included).

This mouth reeks from decades of undigested beef lining its bloated gut.

This mouth over gesticulates, engorged with the delusion of its own importance.

This mouth is obsessed with satisfying its own insatiable appetites.

This mouth is one that good people shield their children from.

This mouth debases and shames our country.

This mouth vomits lies, devoid of reason or consequence.

This mouth embodies every dark archetype in our collective nightmares.

Kate Kretz is based in the DC area, and has received the MD Council for The Arts Grant, NC Arts Council Grant, The South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship, The Florida Visual Arts Fellowship, and,...