Six Dancers Make Ephemeral Marks on Rockaway Beach

In a work choreographed by Madeline Hollander, six dancers and a truck will chase each other on the beach on August 26.

Madeline Hollander, “ARENA” (photo by Samantha Casolari)

By late August on sandy beaches, the forces of nature have already filled many hand-dug holes, toppled plenty of castles, and washed over the patterns and messages people have left behind. On the windy shores, it’s hard to make a mark that lasts.

On Saturday, August 26, six dancers will attempt to document the impressions we make on Rockaway Beach. In a series of duets titled ARENA, choreographed by Madeline Hollander, the dancers will follow a truck as it drags a beach rake behind it, delineating a path for them to wander and move in. The work, which is part of the Beach Sessions Dance Series, is in line with Hollander’s other performance works that experiment with how our bodies are limited and defined by our surroundings. Observers can follow the trail of the dancers’ tracks, which will then be wiped out when the truck reverses course and follows the performers in the delicate, mutable sand. The truck and dancers will continue to chase one another until sundown.

When: Saturday, August 26, 6pm
Where: Beach 110th Street & Shore Front Pkwy (Rockaway Beach, Queens)

More info here.

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