Gas, a new gallery in a converted step truck (photo by Ceci Moss)

Alongside the emergence of new private museums and nonprofit institutions like the Marciano Foundation, the Main Museum, and the forthcoming ICA LA, Los Angeles has also seen the proliferation of small, nimble, independent art spaces recently. The newest addition is Gas, a nomadic, nonprofit art platform located in a converted step truck. The brainchild of independent curator Ceci Moss, Gas will be stationed next to different partner institutions around LA for each exhibition, beginning this Saturday with Night Gallery.

Cristina Victor, (100 Days of Action Resistance Flag” (2017) (photo by Ben Leon)

The project’s inaugural show is Fuck the Patriarchy, which features artists whose work tempers a sense of hopeful optimism with outrage, resistance, and radical refusal. These include Cristina Victor‘s “100 Days of Action Resistance Flag” (2017), a direct response to Trump’s 100-day plan; posters designed by Paul Chan and Badlands Unlimited that are modeled on the hate speech of the Westboro Baptist Church, repurposed into anti-Trump slogans; and the YERBAMALA COLLECTIVE, an “anonymous online group of antifascist witches” who fuse the speed and reach of the internet with old-school analog publishing in their series of defiant zines that are also available for download as PDFs. Alongside the works on view in the truck, each Gas exhibition will also have an online component, beginning with work by Seth Price and Jibz Cameron.

When: Opens Saturday, September 9, 7–10pm
Where: Night Gallery (2276 E. 16th Street, Downtown, Los Angeles)

More info here.

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