One of the viral images of President Trump, with a photoshopped portrait of George Washington (via @JaimsVanDerBeek/Twitter)

One of the viral images of President Trump, with a photoshopped portrait of George Washington (via @JaimsVanDerBeek/Twitter)

A batch of expertly photoshopped images of Donald Trump are making a splash online. Each features Trump in the foreground and one of the stately portraits adorning the walls of the White House in the background, with the images of their historic figures tweaked to ridicule the current head of state.

In one, Andrew Jackson facepalms as he listens to Trump make a phone call. In another, a frowning George Washington gives his 44th successor the finger during a speech. Elsewhere, Alexander Hamilton pantomimes committing suicide during an Oval Office photo opportunity. Rounding out the quartet of fed-up statesmen is Thomas Jefferson, who mocks Trump’s self-satisfied behavior in a meeting. In three of the images, Trump’s US flag lapel pin has been changed to a Russian flag, a reference to the ongoing investigations into possible collusion between his campaign and Russia during last year’s presidential election.

A tweet of the four images by Seattle-based wrestling apparel designer @JaimsVanderBeek — in which he claims not to know who made them — went viral yesterday. Though this new batch of images featuring adulterated paintings seems especially well suited to the current, portrait-obsessed US President, it is hardly the first time a fantastic photoshopper has used her digital brush to tease Trump.

Update, 10/27: Thanks to a helpful tip from a commenter, Hyperallergic tracked the altered images to one Mike Wellins of Portland, Oregon. Wellins has since posted a second batch of images.

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