The New York Academy of Art at 111 Franklin Street (photo via Facebook)

The New York Academy of Art at 111 Franklin Street (photo via Facebook)

What’s it like being art critics today, and how should artists approach them? Those are the two foremost subjects in the New York Academy of Art’s ongoing panel series A Conversation with the Critics, organized and moderated by Sharon Louden. For Wednesday’s edition of the series, she’ll be joined by Stephanie Cash, the executive editor of the Atlanta-centric art blog BurnawayARTS.BLACK co-founder and editor Jessica Lynne (a Hyperallergic contributor); the Denver-based curator and critic (and Hyperallergic contributor) Yasmeen Siddiqui; and artist and writer Jason Stopa (who is also a Hyperallergic contributor).

Eternal subjects such as the nature of art criticism and the direction it’s headed these days will be addressed. Also on the docket for discussion are more contemporary questions like the art world’s hierarchy of places — which tends to privilege New York, London, and Los Angeles over places like Atlanta and Denver — and the many roles of the art critic, who must also be a social media wiz and relentless self-promoter while also holding down a day job and/or maintain a studio practice. And, if past editions are anything to go by, you’re liable to pick up a little insider tips along the way.

When: Wednesday, November 29 at 6:30pm
Where: New York Academy of Art (111 Franklin Street, Tribeca, Manhattan)

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