Susanne Slavick, “Pennies from Heaven I” (1990), mixed media on paper, 16 x 16 inches

The Pennies from Heaven drawings were created at the end of the Reagan era.  Their titles refer to a 1936 song and 1981 film set during the Great Depression, another time of obscene income inequality. Today, economic inequality has reached levels not seen since 1929, the year that propelled so many citizens into poverty. We may look back on 2017 as another such precipitous year.

Reagan was the most famous adherent of trickle down economic theory. He has now been trumped by his current successor and the Republican Senate. The passage of their massive tax bill will grow the deficit and further stuff the pockets of the rich at the expense of the middle class and the poor.  Get ready for the plunge.

This mendacious manna from heaven.
This duplicitous delegation of wealth.
This “trickle down” theory so thoroughly discredited.
This corporate coup.
This cruel kleptocracy.