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Sebastian Hernandez, “Puesto Pues No” Nov. 30, 2017 (photo by Amina Cruz)

The PST: LA/LA exhibition Coastal/Border at the Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro is comprised of a series of performances and installations focused on the coastal region’s status not only as a port of entry, but also as a border. These have included Edgar Fabián Frías’s “Give Us Home Spider,” which overlaid sacred journeys undertaken by the Wixarika people onto Southern California trade routes; Jimena Sarno’s “from sea to shining sea (FSTSS),” a site-specific choir performance which responded to the area’s military history; and Dany Naierman’s “Port Capa,” a multi-media installation which unearthed the site’s layered history through a faux-field trip, puppetry, and video.

This Sunday, artist and dancer Sebastian Hernandez will stage the exhibition’s closing performance, “FTZ (Foreign/Free Trade Zone).” The research-based work will investigate through movement and sound San Pedro’s history as a major international sea port, and the effect that the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has had on LA, specifically brown and queer communities.

When: Sunday, December 17, 1pm
Where: Angels Gate Cultural Center (3601 S. Gaffey St., San Pedro, California)

More info here.

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Matt Stromberg

Matt Stromberg is a freelance visual arts writer based in Los Angeles. In addition to Hyperallergic, he is a frequent contributor to Daily Serving, and Glasstire.