Photo by Alicia Rodriguez Alvisa

Are arguments for the art of listening falling on deaf ears? In a present shaped by filter bubbles, Facebook bots, and hyper-partisan news sources is there space left for conversation? Open discourse is becoming a radical act as technologies designed to create a new digital commons are daily molded into megaphones for the most powerful and regressive voices. If artists are to maintain a vital voice in public discourse they need to engage with important social narratives through open-ended dialogues and public engagement.

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University’s annual Colloquia are designed to foster innovative dialogue surrounding such topics as civic engagement, global mobility, self and collective inscription, and formations of identity through gender, ethnicity, race, and class. Artists and scholars including Raqs Media Collective, Homi Bhabha, Edgar Arceneaux, and Henriette Huldisch have joined SMFA at Tufts graduate students in a series of far-reaching conversations framed by contemporary art practices.

SMFA at Tufts is committed to educating MFA students who are interested in advancing their professional competencies in the visual arts through an understanding of global issues both current and historical. Students hone their practice through individual innovation, creative collaborations, informal mentorships, and academic discourse. In support of high-achieving students we offer generous merit-based scholarships as well as the opportunity to apply for teaching assistantships.

The upcoming Master of Fine Arts Application and Portfolio Deadline is January 15, 2018.

Admission is available on a space available basis after the deadline.

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