Photo © Jessica Nicole Collins

Jihan Zencirli, creating under the moniker GERONIMO, has been invited by New York City Ballet (NYCB) to create signature installations for their sixth annual Art Series. Her largest project to date, Jihan will inflate more than 200,000 compostable, biodegradable balloons ranging in size from ten inches to ten feet, in a series of installations in January and February at the Ballet’s home at Lincoln Center.

“Balloons are only for a moment. They disappear and vanish. So rooted in my work is this reminder that you will only have this experience at this particular time. You’re here, you’re seeing it, you’re alive.” says Jihan. Her work, designed to be democratic in its availability, thrives in public spaces, equally impressive on the facade of a local bodega or free health clinic as on a cantilevered Frank Lloyd Wright house or Los Angeles’s Broad Museum.

The installations will be on view at three New York City Ballet Art Series performances with after parties on January 26, February 2, and 24 where all tickets are specially-priced at $30, and all audience members will receive a limited edition commemorative takeaway from Jihan.

Performances are on sale now at

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