Kate Kretz, “Cri de Cœur (Heart Cry)” (2018, after a detail of “Scène du Déluge,” 1827, by Joseph-Désiré Court), graphite on paper, 14 x 11 inches (courtesy of the artist)

the bitter dusty old men
of the battle they shoulda won at Gettysburg
or finally
showing Daddy they could be a man
(in the street at High Noon)

the young ones (who can’t get laid)
Duke Nukem from Bulletstorm Full Clip
(in overkill mode, for extra points)
Finally scoring.

another walking-anger-management-issue
finds a people-killing machine
(no problem)
It fires
fast and hard
a jolt
to finally feel something
Make their mark.

must forever wade in the nightmares that
their children
might be the next collateral damage
yet another lost man’s
of self-actualization

Kate Kretz is based in the DC area, and has received the MD Council for The Arts Grant, NC Arts Council Grant, The South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship, The Florida Visual Arts Fellowship, and,...

One reply on “Mothers’ Nightmare”

  1. This is written by a women.
    Women are not willing to understand men it the way, say, they understand a cat or a dog or a tomato plant. The are certain that the violent response from men is just plain wrong and that it’s just a matter of not thinking. Men just imagine it is totally correct, reacting to hormones and a feeling that they need to act against the perceived threat of violence directed at them.
    Women say, “oh that is so silly!” And “oh why ever are men so interested in sex???? I’m not! I have great control over my sexual needs!)
    You can’t fix something until you understand the problem.
    What the hell, the women can’t even manage their boys! And that is not an open and shut case against the woman. Consider the anger, the rage, and the strength and the urge for violence. Consider the male in puberty when new feelings emerge.
    And men don’t understand women. But men are larger and more apt to be violent when confronted.
    Maybe there ought to me men training classes like we have for dogs. Really. We have sex education, why not anger and violence education?

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