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Arts/Industry resident Junko Iijima, 2016

Hundreds of artists have benefited from the John Michael Kohler Arts Center’s Arts/Industry program since its beginning in 1974. “I can do here in an afternoon what would take me a week in the studio, if I could even do it [there],” said 2016 artist-in-residence Dave Cole.” The program is generously hosted and funded by the Kohler Co. in nearby Kohler, Wisconsin.

Arts/Industry offers artists time and space to focus on the creation of new work in studios located within the Pottery and Foundry at the Kohler Co. factory. Artists need not have experience working with clay or metal.

The emphasis of the residency is on artists exploring new materials and processes, in a hands-on way while also building relationships with the skilled craftspeople who work for Kohler Co. Artists are exposed to a body of technical knowledge that enables and encourages experimentation.

The program includes twelve artists annually, with four in residence at a time. Participants spend three months working in either the Kohler Co. Pottery or Foundry to develop a wide variety of work in ceramic, cast iron, and brass.

You can learn more about the program, the application process, resources provided to residents, and view alumni videos at

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