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Alyssa N. Moore is from Austin, Texas. She holds degrees from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and Harvard University. She’s received fellowships from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop where she taught creative writing. Her poems appear or are forthcoming in the Boston Review, Harvard Advocate, and the Bennington Review. You can find her @alyssanmo or at In these works Moore addresses the challenges of accessing stable external self-representations and the effacement of the endangered black self through violently false external representations.

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6 replies on “Two Poems by Alyssa Moore”

  1. “to the screens of Hyperallergic readers”… It seems you are so literal…Come on! it can’t be read!

  2. We writers appreciate and revere visual artists. Hope Hyperallergic returns the compliment and, as K. Noriega suggested two days ago in the comment below, actually lets us read Alyssa Moore’s two poems, rather than just admire the artful but illegible visual that this page’s designer came up with.

      1. Hrag, you mean that the poems are meant to be visual, but unreadable? What I and Noriega see are two screenshots, one of Chrome, the other of Preview, showing windows with poems that are illegible because they’re partially blocked by other windows, and because the text is so small that it blurs when the display is enlarged. I’ve opened the URL — including from the link in the Disqus email I received alerting me to your comment — in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, and on two different Macbook Pros: same result each time. If I’m missing something, please advise, but Noriega’s comment suggests it’s not just me. Thanks….

          1. I got the following thru Disqus from Veken:
            “There seems to have been a bug in the design code making the images smaller than they were meant to be. We’re still working on a permanent fix, but let me know if it’s any better now. They should at least be larger.” Clicking on the Disqus reply link (both the Disqus from him and you) just brings me back to this page, and his comment isn’t visible. But to respond to it: The images are larger, but still somewhat blurred; it’s a struggle to read them. I’m having trouble understanding why Moore’s poems aren’t simply printed normally, like Jessica Laser’s were in a previous Two Poems offering, rather than as screenshot images that strike me as confusing, because it’s unclear if parts of the poem are hidden by the other windows. (If that’s intended by the poet, then her subtlety went over my head, and my predilection for clarity in a writer’s intentions is just my bias, I guess.)

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